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Birubi Point Altbier (Altbier) by warra48
Alcohol: 4.4%
Quality rating: 980
Rank: 11
Altbier as it's brewed in Dusseldorf. Ja? Ein prosit!
Bush Beer (Ale) by SouthernMan
Alcohol: 3.0%
Quality rating: 100
Texans love their Bush Beer almost as much as they love their ten gallon hats.
British Bulldog Olde Ale (Old Ale) by StoutMan
Alcohol: 6.6%
Quality rating: 891
Rank: 26
This classic Olde Ale is a tribute to the British Bulldog, Winston Churchill. Cheers!
Badass Beer (Ale) by Robc
Alcohol: 2.4%
Quality rating: 231
Drink Badass Beer... but only if you dare!
Beer Goggles (Vienna Lgr) by StoutMan
Alcohol: 3.9%
Quality rating: 958
Rank: 37
This Vienna-style lager goes down smooth and is known to cloud judgement and lower inhibitions!
Boat Harbour Stout (Stout) by warra48
Alcohol: 5.9%
Quality rating: 889
Rank: 19
Dark and mysterious goodness.
Big Bear Breakfast Stout (Stout) by StoutMan
Alcohol: 9.0%
Quality rating: 977
Rank: 27
Breakfast Stout with Coffee and Chocolate for those who enjoy a beer you can chew!
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